Pay Per Click or SEO, Which Will Better Your Business


Forrester research studies show that online sales are increasing, ad expected to account for 9% of all transaction by 2016. That fact along with current trends toward social media, online convenience, and the ability to research online has virtually all businesses investing some efforts in online visibility. Some of the best ways to gain attention online and define healthy business growth are found in the industry of online search marketing.

What is online search marketing? Online, or internet search marketing is marketing that is based out of the search engine platforms. There are two distinct options for going in to internet search marketing.

Perhaps the most well known, and relatable version marketing strategy is pay-per-click advertisements. These may be better understood, because they more closely mimic the outbound advertisements and billboard style marketing that most consumers are used to seeing. Pay-per-click search results are sponsored links that show at the sides or tops of search engine results pages. As the title claims, businesses are charged per click. This method can be developed implemented. However, since the business is charged per click, depending on rates, footing the bill can become a steep price to pay.

The alternative to sponsored search results and pay per click advertisements is search engine optimization, or SEO. SEO programs work by using the tolls to measure search engine rankings and website traffic to develop content that can be found easily and placed high on top of other search engine rankings. By achieving the highest organic, non sponsored search engine rankings, businesses can expect higher visibility, and therefore greater website traffic.

Understanding why SEO has become the preferred choice for small, niche, and large businesses alike lies in the facts. Statistics show that between 70% and 80% of all clicks go to organic search results. Consequently 80% of search engine users say that they avoid clicking on sponsored search results and prefer to scroll down the first page of results to find their answers. These numbers are leading more businesses to expand their marketing teams with outsourced SEO reseller programs.

There is a difference between buying and finding online. However, both of these consumer actions can lead to sales. Good SEO for standing businesses can be adapted for all online formats, and mobile operating systems. Making SEO mobile, allows businesses to be present when local prospects need them most. Reaching a consumer on the go adds convenience and closing potential.

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