Pay Per Click or SEO, Which Will Better Your Business

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Forrester research studies show that online sales are increasing, ad expected to account for 9% of all transaction by 2016. That fact along with current trends toward social media, online convenience, and the ability to research online has virtually all businesses investing some efforts in online visibility. Some of the best ways to gain attention online and define healthy business growth are found in the industry of online search marketing.

What is online search marketing? Online, or internet search marketing is marketing that is based out of the search engine platforms. There are two distinct options for going in to internet search marketing.

Perhaps the most well known, and relatable version marketing strategy is pay-per-click adv

How Do You Spell Success? SEO!

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The typical web user does not pay attention to paid advertising. When using a search engine, the majority of people only focus on the organic results of their own online searches, not on sponsored links. Also, approximately 75 percent of internet users only click on links found on the first page of search results, and an estimated 18 percent of organic clicks shoot to the number one position on Google. There is only one conclusion to draw from this evidence. If your web site is not on page page one of search engine results, pretty much no one is going to find you online.

At this point, you may be saying to yourself, “I have tried so hard to increase my search engine rankings, but no matter what I do, they remain stagnant.” Well, here is the good news. Wh