New Prison Visitation System Uses Virtual Server Technology

Video visitation system

What do you know about a new technology that uses a virtual server to provide virtual visitation services to prison population? This service allows visits to be doe between friends, family and prisoners through videoconferencing technology using virtual servers.

This videoconferencing technology uses software installed on virtual servers, providing a way to conduct visits via video chat services, rather than face to face visits. This visitation system on virtual servers allows jails and prisons to reduce visitor traffic at the actual facility. Family and friend will be located in their homes. Because of this, jails can reduce costs by not having to construct large facilities. Staff costs are also reduced because there will be less administration and guard costs. Because fewer outside individuals will be accessing the prison facility, the amount of contraband coming into the jail will be reduced. Additionally, using virtual server technology will give prisoners more visitation opportunities.

A virtual server system for prison video visitation can also extend to other individuals who may need to interact with an inmate. These people can include clergy, judges, and attorneys. Lawyers will have less travel time, which in turn means they can spend more time working on the case. This service can also be used for pleas and arraignments. The virtual sever technology also increases the safety and security for these people.

These virtual visitation systems use essential the same tools that businesses have been using for teleconferences. The services of virtual servers are also expanding into telemedicine and long distance learning.

While this is a fairly new service, it may be some time before a majority of jails and prisons install these virtual servers. However, it is a good assumption that once the positive aspects are realized, many of these facilities will implement these systems. Additionally, these systems can be used that prisoner visitation rights are being met, so may prison officials will probably see how this can be a great benefit to their jails.

If you want to know if these systems are available in your area, all you need to do is give a call to the jail. And, even if the system is not available yet, you may be able to provide jail administrators with a great idea.
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