New Prison Visitation System Uses Virtual Server Technology

Written by admin on November 23, 2013. Posted in Inmate video visitation, Prisoner visitation rights, Video visitation

Video visitation system

What do you know about a new technology that uses a virtual server to provide virtual visitation services to prison population? This service allows visits to be doe between friends, family and prisoners through videoconferencing technology using virtual servers.

This videoconferencing technology uses software installed on virtual servers, providing a way to conduct visits via video chat services, rather than face to face visits. This visitation system on virtual servers allows jails and prisons to reduce visitor traffic at the actual facility. Family and friend will be located in their homes. Because of this, jails can reduce costs by not having to construct large facilities. Staff costs are also reduced because there will be less administration and guard costs. Because fewer outside individuals wil

Redefining Visitor Visitation for Incarceration

Written by admin on August 30, 2013. Posted in Inmate video visitation, Prisoner visitation rights, Virtual visitation

Video visitation system

Traditional jail and prison visitation has an inherent cost for everyone involved, but using a video visitation system can help eliminate costs and provide a secure system. Both internal employees and visitors will recognize the capabilities and ease of use of the virtual visitation system.

Site staff can use the inmate video visitation system to alleviate the volume for search protocols and monitoring. In fact, with the video visitation system, authorized personnel can monitor and control all aspects of the conference. Using secure technology, the video visitation essentially operates like a video voip conference. Recordings and live monitoring of conversations can take place using simple key commands.

Secure and privileged conferences