Check Out These Facts About Guacamole Calories


Guacamole has been a very popular party dip for many years. It is also a staple of many Mexican and Southwestern dishes. So just what is guacamole? The traditional way to create guacamole is to use avocados, onions, tomatoes, and few spice to create either a chunky or smooth dip for chips. It is usually served with chips.

Many people do love this favorite dip, but are often concerned about guacamole calories and guacamole nutrition. Luckily, guacamole calories are quite low, while the nutritional value is quite high. Because the avocado has about 20 vitamins and minerals, it is a healthy option for many. The avocado is also low in polyunsatured and mono fats, making the guacamole calories even more healthy. There are about 90 guacamole calories in about a quarter cup of this dish. That is a relatively low number compared to many other dips and spreads.

The level of guacamole calories is usually not the main problem when trying to choose healthy alternatives. It is actually usually those chips that accompany spicy guacamole dip that create a higher calorie count. There are many options that will allow you to enjoy the dip without worrying about guacamole calories. Dip fresh vegetables into the dip, instead of those high calorie chips. You can even use baked rather than fried chips for a more healthy alternative.

There are also many delightful recipes using guacamole and alternatives where you can use those guacamole calories in a healthy manner. Consider using a low fat sour cream alternative such as yogurt when topping that guacamole dip or tacos.

Many people use guacamole as a base for a tasty salad dressing. With such low guacamole calories and a healthy content, your salads will remain very low in calories and still be a tasty dish. You may not even realize that your dressing is low in calories.

Many recipes call for avocados where you can replace them with the even more tasty guacamole. Of course, guacamole is a great topping to all those Mexican dishes such as enchiladas, burritos and so on.

Now that you know how low the guacamole calories are, you can start enjoying this tasty party favorite even more.
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