What You Do Not Know About Risk Management Could Hurt You!

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It is not uncommon for an organization with a warehouse to need the employees who work there to be trained for safety. There are forklifts and hand trucks flying around at high speeds, heavy objects, tall stacks of products, and a general atmosphere of danger. Risk management consultants are often utilized by organizations such as warehouses and manufacturers because the risks are easily visible and sometimes too often experienced. However, there is much more to enterprise risk management than just trying to make sure that nobody gets killed on the job. Lost time, damaged property, and other potentially harmful situations can arise due to poor planning or a lack of risk management.

Enterprise Risk Management is a changing field these days. Complex organizations tend to have a wide variety of risks that they face and risk management consultants are evolving to understand those risks and help those organizations to manage them more efficiently.

There is more good news! Likely due to our global workforce there are now standards in place for risk management thanks to the Project Management Institute. The National Institute of Standards and Technology has also weighed in on the standardization of risk management, which means that you can feel safe in seeking out risk management consulting services.

Once upon a time only companies operating at the enterprise level, think lots and lots of employees, received risk management and security services from experts at large firms. Now, even medium sized and small companies can benefit from risk management consulting firms. Even business intelligence companies should consider risk management consultants.

There are multiple aspects of risk management, and one or all of these areas may be relevant to your business:

1. Governance and Compliance

2. Managed Security Services

3. Business Continuity and Resiliency

You will want to contact a firm to discover which aspects need the most attention.

The fact is that when a risk becomes an incident it means that time will be lost, property could be damaged, and everything that went wrong could have either been preventable or at least better managed. We live in an unpredictable world with unpredictable people.

Imagine how things might go differently for a town hit by a devastating earthquake if efforts were made to build stronger buildings before an earthquake could happen? One should always have a plan to mitigate the effects of disaster, but it is better practice to stop the effects of a disaster before it strikes. You can think of risk management for your enterprise in the same way. Get more on this here: www.essextec.com

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  1. Could you be more specific please? What is going to happen at a “business intelligence” company that would be considered a risk for an incident?

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