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Are You Using Analytics to Improve? Three Tips for Better Search Ranking

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Search engine rankings

Did you know that Google assists with more than a billion inquiries every day? Many of the questions it receives are about products and services. Search engines, along with email, are one of the most popular web applications, and are also a potential marketing avenue for businesses.

Search engine rankings have a big impact on how much site traffic a website will experience. Research shows that most search users, at 80 percent, will ignore any sponsored search options at the top of the page, instead preferring organic links. In most cases, they will never look past the first page of options. There are several steps you can take to improve your search engine ranking. Here are three.

1. Post relevant and engaging content

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What You Do Not Know About Risk Management Could Hurt You!

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Data back up and recovery

It is not uncommon for an organization with a warehouse to need the employees who work there to be trained for safety. There are forklifts and hand trucks flying around at high speeds, heavy objects, tall stacks of products, and a general atmosphere of danger. Risk management consultants are often utilized by organizations such as warehouses and manufacturers because the risks are easily visible and sometimes too often experienced. However, there is much more to enterprise risk management than just trying to make sure that nobody gets killed on the job. Lost time, damaged property, and other potentially harmful situations can arise due to poor planning or a lack of risk management.

Enterprise Risk Management is a changing field these days. Complex organizations tend to have a wide variety of risks