Are You Using Analytics to Improve? Three Tips for Better Search Ranking

Search engine rankings

Did you know that Google assists with more than a billion inquiries every day? Many of the questions it receives are about products and services. Search engines, along with email, are one of the most popular web applications, and are also a potential marketing avenue for businesses.

Search engine rankings have a big impact on how much site traffic a website will experience. Research shows that most search users, at 80 percent, will ignore any sponsored search options at the top of the page, instead preferring organic links. In most cases, they will never look past the first page of options. There are several steps you can take to improve your search engine ranking. Here are three.

1. Post relevant and engaging content

Content is key to accessing better search engine rankings for your online site. Not only is content what Google search engine crawlers end up looking at, but content is what helps draw people to your site. It is important to post both relevant and interesting information for your readers. Even if you are posting content for a company, make it engaging. Did you know that having a blog on your website increases pages for search indexing by over 400 percent, and 58 percent of blogging companies report accruing customers through their blogs? Update your blog at least once a week in order to increase site relevancy, and use your site keywords at a one to three percent density rate.

2. Keep people on your site

Once you have people on your site, you do not want them to leave the moment they are done reading, or have lost interest with, whatever they came to look at. Link everything you post to other pages in your website in order to get people moving from one page to the next. Consider including an RSS feed of recent posts to your site that people can look at. Make sure you have a well designed website, since a website with poor navigation or aesthetic qualities will be a turn off to visitors. When less people stay on your site, websites like Google will interpret your pages as being less relevant to the average user.

3. Use analytics to improve

Google Analytics is a useful tool because it is both free and incredibly informative about the search details of your website. You can analyze your conversion rates, social media engagement, keywords, visitor demographics, and page popularity. The keyword tool is especially important, because it will let you see which keywords are drawing proportionately the most people to your site from search rankings. Increasing your usage of these keywords can help you increase search engine position for them.

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