Cheap and Easy Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel Ideas

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Queen Elizabeth I had a remodel bathroom of her own. She had a flush toilet installed in 1596, but did not use it, and preferred that a servant just bring her a chamber pot instead! Is your bathroom looking like a chamber pot? Want to remodel bathroom or kitchen on a budget? There are some small, affordable, and simple projects that can transform your bathroom or kitchen into the two nicest rooms in your home. Keep in mind that if you do not want to complete the projects yourself, you will probably have to shell out anywhere from 30 to 60 dollars an hour for the help of a bathroom remodeling chesapeake or kitchen remodeling norfolk handyman.

There are some quick remodel bathroom ideas that cost under 50 dollars. One is to buy and install a modern shower head. This can really make a difference, and several can be purchased for under 50 dollars. Another remodel bathroom idea that can spruce up the room is to buy a bath tub and shower trim kit, and replace the handles and nozzles. This is an easy and cheap do it yourself project. Be careful not to be one of the seven million people that drops their cell phone in the toilet each year!

Not interested in a remodel bathroom? Fair enough. Homeowners choose to remodel kitchen over any other room. This is especially true if you are still sporting the Radarange, the first commercial microwave oven that debuted in 1947, which weighed an incredible 750 pounds and cost five thousand dollars! Paint is a simple and easy way to make a kitchen glimmer. Better yet, choose paint that is ecologically friendly! Always choose a semi gloss paint that can be easily cleaned and maintained. Another idea may be to invest in some organizers. Pot racks, lid holders, shelving, drawer organizers, pullout trays, and utensil crocks are cheap, and declutter your kitchen in no time!

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