Don Antle and Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation vancouver

Don Antle is an excellent resource for debt consolidation in Ontario. Debt consolidation Canada involves taking out a loan and using the money from that loan to pay off other outstanding loans. In theory, if you consolidate debt, you will have an easier time paying off your credit cards and thus getting rid of your bad credit.

Don Antle wants to credit canada and its citizens for considering consolidation debt. It is important for people to understand that many low interest rates initially offered by credit card companies disappear after 6 to 15 months, meaning that the customer will wind up paying a much higher interest rate as time goes by. Don Antle does not want consumers to have to pay such high interest rates, which is why it is suggested that customers who are thinking about leveraging the equity in their homes as a means of consolidating credit card debt at a low interest rate should be aware that it is in their best interest to make an extra payment.

Don antle has the best interests of the consumer at heart. Don Antle was concerned about the growing consumer debt load which had been trending upwards over the past years. In 1999, the total amount of debt borrowed by consumers was $4.6 trillion dollars. By 2008, consumer borrowing had reached 12.7 trillion which is a 176 percent increase. However, Don Antle is relieved to report that since 2008, consumer debt has decreased by $1.4 trillion, which is 11 percent less than what it was previously. This is an excellent sign which validates the recommendations that Don Antle has made about debt consolidation and overall consumer financial stability. Don Antle has many more recommendations about responsible financial decisions that consumers may want to take advantage of.

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