The Highly Debated Question Of “Is Marijuana Addicting”?

How to quit smoking pot

There have been at least two hundred thousand students that have been rejected financial aid in university due to drug convictions on their records. The United States Office of National Drug Control Policy states that around six thousand Americans try marijuana for the first time. There are countless people out there that say yes when asked is marijuana addicting, but around the same amount that would answer no to the same question. While weed may not have any chemicals proven to cause addiction, people can develop a dependency on the drug and therefore become mentally addicted. This leaves the debate on is marijuana addicting quite open because people have different views on what cannabis addiction really is. Near fifty percent of past smokers have reported sleep problems such as insomnia and disturbing dreams that caused them to wake up. There are ways to cope with these and they can be learned by joining a marijuana addiction program in your area.

About half of the people that quit smoking weed experience cannabis withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, mood swings, restlessness, aggression and more. These symptoms can come up between one and three days of quitting and can be present for several months. This is why it is encouraged that anyone trying to quit seek help from a professional doctor or rehab center. Since there are withdrawal symptoms, it is likely that the answer is yes to is marijuana addicting, even if it is just on a psychological level. Research more here.

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