What Does a Cosmetic Dentist Do? – Do I Need Braces?


A bleaching agent, discolorations and staining can be taken off of the teeth giving a cleaner or whiter appearance. The dentist may recommend home or in-office teeth whitening.

Another common cosmetic dental procedure is dental bonding. A tooth-colored resin material is used to fill gaps or cracks on teeth, and improves their appearance and functionality. Dental dentists can complete dental bonding on one visit. It’s fast and cost-effective, and can resolve minor problems quickly.

Veneers are a different popular cosmetic procedure for dental care. Here, thin, custom-made shells are used to enhance the appearance of teeth by placing them over the front surface. Veneers are a solution to a variety of dental issues, including coloration, chipped or cracked teeth and dental gaps.

The braces procedure is another popular option, as it are a great way to correct bite problems and improperly aligned teeth. Metal braces are still in use, but while they exist the clear aligners can be more discreet.

Individuals can get their dream smile by working in conjunction with a skilled and knowledgeable cosmetic dentist. This can enhance the health of their mouth and aid them achieve the look they want.


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