A Guide to Natural Veneer Stone Installation – Ohio Landscaping and Tree Service News


This is a stone veneer that is made of molded concrete that has been colored using iron so it looks similar to natural stone.

The veneer stones add certain textures to the stone, making it quite similar as natural stone. Once it’s been installed in a way, it’s difficult to differentiate from natural stone. Here are some ideas for installing stone veneers.

* Calculate materials

Before starting the installation, you must calculate the amount of material for the stone veneer project. It is vital to decide the number of stones that you require along with the dimensions of the mortar.

* Prepare the surface

One important aspect to stop water damage from occurring is the preparation of the surface. One thing to be sure of is to make sure that the project you are putting up with stone is structurally solid during the installation.

* Scratch Coat

If metal laths are put in place, you’ll need to apply a scratching coating. The step isn’t necessary when you apply the stone veneer to the concrete or mortar.

* Stone preparation for installation

In order to get the greatest outcome, there are certain factors to be taken care of prior to starting the installation of your veneer stone. Then, you must plan your plan, cut the stone and clean it.

* Installation

Install grout in order to give your house a look great.

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