How Does a Heating and Air System Do? – Home Improvement Tax

And cooling and air conditioning. What is an HVAC system and how can it help your house? This is an introduction to HVAC systems, and what they are able to do.

The principal function of an HVAC system is to transfer hot air. It moves the heat inside your home or your apartment through raising the temperature. The system is able to chill your home by moving the warmer air out.

Some parts including the heating pump, air conditioner and furnace are able to collect or produce hot air. Through the use of air blowers, ductwork or even ductwork, air is able to be circulated inside or out of the home or the apartment.

The furnace must have an energy source that can generate the heat. The most commonly used methods to operate a furnace include through electricity or using a fuel like gas, propane, or oil. The heat pump is utilized to absorb energy from outside and then transfer it to your residence.

Refrigerant can be used to take the heat in cooling systems.

Here are just a few things to know about HVAC systems. To learn more, check out the video linked.


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