What Exactly Is a Load Cell? – Technology Magazine

and sorting equipment. You can learn more about this by watching this video.

One kind of transducer, known as a”load cell” transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy. The process takes place in two phases. The first is when a strain gauge measures the force. It then converts it into electrical charge by altering the electrical susceptibility of the linked wire.

They are used all over the world including electronic weighing scales and material testing equipment, and system for controlling processes. They are made up of four strain gauges set into an Wheatstone bridge configuration to calculate the weight.

Strain gauges usually affixed on the surface of a bar or beam, pick up the shaft’s deformation, which triggers the generation of a minute electrical signal. In the event that you apply the pressure the shaft is subjected to a small deformation. The strain gauges are able to detect the deformation and trigger the release of a brief electrical signal. Prior to being transmitted to the reader, the signal gets amplified. 3zogf3wuss.

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