Tips for Organizing and Decluttering Before Moving – Family Magazine

Certain food items are extremely expensive or end up expiring within a few days. It is possible to donate food items with expired dates that still have their seals food banks or shelters. You can also explore your pantry and decide what items to keep and which you need to get rid of.
Attic or Crawl Space

Attics are great spaces which can be used for storage of items and as such, they are a breeding ground to store items which are no longer in use. You need to declutter those items, and then clear this space to make it available for the next occupants to utilize.

Selling Your Stuff

Once you have determined what items you keep and which you want to throw away, you can start to figure out what items to dispose of. Yard sales are a great way to do this.

The importance of planning is vital to the successful organization and decluttering before moving. A lot of people postpone packing and decluttering to the last minute but they end up missing or damaging important belongings as they rush to get everything packed up prior to the move day. There will be plenty of time to choose what are worth throwing away and what to retain.


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