The Best Way to Layout a Kitchen for a Growing Family – Family Activities

It is surrounded by its perimeter to allow for mobility. A peninsula has many advantages when compared to the island. It provides storage space as well as counter space. When it comes to countertops, talk with a granite, marble, soapstone, or quartz countertop installation expert to gather ideas on which durable material is most suitable for your needs. The cabinets that sit on top of the peninsula ought to be high enough that they do not hinder the view from the kitchen.
Galley and One-Wall

They’re often found in small houses and studios. The galley consists of two counters that are parallel with an apron between them on the other hand, the galley has all the cabinets and kitchen appliances placed on one wall. Even though this design can be ideal for single cooking however, it might not work as well for larger families.

What’s the Kitchen Triangle?

The kitchen triangle describes the layout of the three main work spaces in a kitchen: the sink, stove as well as the fridge. As per the standard, the three working areas must be laid out in a triangle shape to allow the cook to carry out their cooking and cleaning tasks efficiently and without obstruction. Each side should measure between four and nine feet. It should extend between 13-16 feet all around. The purpose for the triangular area is to make sure everything is easily accessible and let you move around, but not to enough that it is a chore.

The kitchen triangle is only able to serve as a standard. Kitchen zones have taken over the triangle. With kitchens becoming larger and more spacious, it is becoming difficult to form a rigid triangle. In addition, the triangle first came from the 1940s where there were no appliances, and female cooks cooked mostly by themselves for their families. Consider your layout in terms of the work areas, e.g., the prep area, cooking area as well as the cleaning space and storage


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