Does Insurance Cover Rehab? – Insurance Claim Letter

Percentage of alcohol and drug rehab costs. Insurance policies have to be able to cover addiction since it’s considered a disease. They can provide some assistance of treatment for addiction, in contrast to a decade ago when patients affected by the condition were required pay for their treatment out of pocket. Your coverage will depend on a variety of factors, such as your specific treatment needs and healthcare benefits. Below is a video that explains specifics of rehabilitation and how insurance companies cover the cost.

Most insurance companies cover Suboxone as a treatment for opiate addiction or other forms of addiction. Health insurance’s primary purpose is to make medical treatment which are affordable and readily accessible. Every year, millions suffer from addiction. The prevalence of depression and anxiety has seen a significant increase in the number of addicts in the past two years. Even more alarming, the number of deaths due to opioids is 130 per day across America. This is a clear indication of why rehabilitation for addiction is vital and the reason insurance companies must have provisions to help rehab patients. Addiction to alcohol and drugs must be handled in the same way as chronic illnesses and given equal consideration.


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