Benefits of Managed Hosting – Madison County Library

Most likely, you’ve heard of “managed hosting” several times, or have seen it offered on the websites of hosting companies when you’re researching. We’ll be discussing the benefits and benefits that could be derived from managed hosting as well the possibility that small companies can gain from it.

Simply put, Managed Hosting means the hosting provider is in charge of your server-related concerns. Managed hosting is more than renting out hardware, but making payments to them to manage the server. Similar to purchasing the car that comes with a warranty , which includes maintenance and oil changes.

You can lease your infrastructure instead of purchasing it.

This means the hosting company takes over:

Configuration and setup of equipment and software
Administration management and support

For your e-commerce store it is suggested to use managed hosting
Hosting that was not managed was an everyday option, however managed hosting has become a more popular option.

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