What to Know About LED Video Walls? – Technology Magazine

and cons. The LED video wall is a recent innovation that has transformed video production, particularly with regard to visual effects. This video describes this new technology in detail.

It’s basically an enormous computer monitor but it can not be set up in the same way as a traditional computer monitor. The processor that it utilizes to connect with the system it is receiving the signal from. The LED video wall is constructed of LEDs together. The special processor allows all of the individual LED blocks to display a unified picture.

The video above uses three different lighting instruments that include a black-magic 4k camera, and a separate real-time tracking software. The “puck” connects in the upper part of your camera is the real-time tracker device.

Real-time tracking technology can be used to create the appearance of a 3D scene by filming an object in front of the LED-lit wall and having the image on it responding to the live tracking data that is generated by the camera’s movements.

This is just one example of how a light wall can be employed in video production to achieve the capabilities previously unattainable prior to. mktbygs4aq.

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