Home Plumbing Explained – Diy Index

erstand the basics. The two main components of the plumbing system include the pumping of clean water into the house and the drainage of waste from the dwelling.

If you are connected to the water supply system of your city, water gets into the dwelling through the main valve which usually is located in front of your home. The water is then piped to your hot water tank where it gets heated and then pumped to your sinks, faucets, bathtubs, tapsand washing machines and even toilets. Your water supply is from the well. The well is connected to your home.

Wastewater is then eliminated through several pipes that have been angled downwards. This allows for easy transportation of the waste to the sewer management plant of the city or to a private sewer tank. This method requires a variety of traps and vents to facilitate the proper elimination of waste. The vent pipes help in removing waste from the dwelling and also prevents stinks from the system. To get a thorough explanation of the system , as well as visual examples, see the video below. d2t4nkk5ku.

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