What Is the 80 20 Rule? – Loyalty Driver

d in various applications. Unsure of what the 80 20 rule is? Read on to find out more.

Below are some instances of how the 80-20 rule is used in real life. These facts are important: 20percent of world’s population controls 80% the earnings. The majority of you own 20 percent of your clothing. A majority of customers of businesses account for 20% of complaints.

What all these facts have in common is they all apply the Pareto principle. Another term for the rule of 80/20. While not a universal law however, there are exceptions and some of them should be very careful.

What does the 80/20 rule can do for us? It’s a great tool to analyze your own lifestyle and improve your productivity. Another example is this Take the following scenario: You keep an agenda for each day of 10 things to do. Which are the two top priorities that will give the majority of your results? The two things listed above will 80 percent of your efforts and it will be easier to concentrate on the other 8 tasks. There’s no reason not to finish the essential jobs done, even if you’re not finished with all your projects.

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