You Wont Believe How Modern Manufacturers Model Their Cars – This Week Magazine

iness owners, you are most likely seeking out new and innovative ways to improve your business. This often lies in the latest technology and processes. Sometimes, we can get blinded by technology and overlook innovations that were just there all along. That’s why we should not be so focused on the latest technology so that we miss others opportunities that may arise. Automotive industry is a great example. Automotive services and vehicles represent an extremely important and vast market the United States. The companies that operate in this market must innovate and be efficient. This video will highlight how these companies used their knowledge of the past to create an improved future.

In order to create vehicles, automobile makers have embraced modern technology like digital simulations and virtual reality. Yet, the modern designers of cars are finding that the classic clay-based material used for making offers the most efficient and cost-effective method for designing cars. Designers can design their models far more quickly with a clay model. Additionally, models made of physical clay is able to be tested inside wind tunnels. These models are expensive, however, they could save companies thousands of dollars in comparison to modern models.


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