Whats New in the iPhone iOS 15 Update? – Computer Keyboard Picture

tion software to animated backgrounds There’s no doubt that all new iPhones are packed with an array of exciting and new capabilities. Each new update offers new features that you can explore and test. Our latest iPhone iOS update came just last week, along with iOS 15 have proven to offer a variety of new features to be excited about. This video will explain the major improvements iOS 15 will bring to your iPhone. Let’s get started!

This update is a bit in the direction of an enhancement of two previous updates. Many of the features can be disabled if don’t suit your needs. It is possible to switch between tabs by clicking the “tabs” option in the safari’s lower-right corner. Save conversations as messages. You can also use the animojis of your avatar in message chats. To prevent distractions or notifications throughout the day You can set your smartphone in “focus” mode. Also, you can use portrait mode during FaceTime calls. The mode blurs the background and camera as you’re talking.


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