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ommon causes of roof leaks.

The primary reason behind the leak could be that there’s a gap in the roof. It is possible to damage the roof materials through wear and tear. Also, nail breaking may cause cracks in your roofing. Insects and other small creatures can also burrow into the shingles. Impact damage can lead to injuries caused by branches, as well as other tree debris.

Your vent pipes from your plumbing go far from the ground and up to the wall of your dwelling, and is able to reach the roof. The collars that cover the pipes protect them against water leaks, the collars remain the most vulnerable. These collars are easily affected by sun’s UV rays.

Step flashing can be found along the the edges of your roof and between valleys and peak areas. This helps divert water from the roof but is often ignored during replacements or maintenance. To stop leaks from occurring ensure that you keep your roofer informed about the status of your step flashing.

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