Did You Know That You Can Make Millions From a Towing Company? – Car Talk Podcast

The business world with a collar. Chuck Ceccarelli walks you through the idea of efficiency in the video on YouTube titled “Tow Truck Owner Explains How To Make Millions.” Chuck was a pioneer working in the field of tow truck drivers and built a multimillion-dollar blue collar towing business where he designed and manufactured towing equipment as well as trucks.

His team worked for an entire day to produce the first unit they manufactured. This changed, however, following his study of the Toyota manufacturing manuals. They gave him the knowledge to manufacture more efficiently in the future. He was able to reduce the production process by 35 hours, which was reduced to just eight hours. This led to an increase of 77 % in the efficiency.

The main reason Narrator has to be the cause of his achievement isn’t sale of more units, more so the reduction of cost of manufacturing due to improved efficiency of the production process.

A trick to make millionaires which involves increasing production in a given amount of time and also improving effectiveness.


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