What Does a Bail Bondsman Do? – Legal Newsletter

Bail bondsmen play a vital aspect of the justice system. If you ever find yourself caught in serious legal trouble and need bail, a bail bondman will help you get out. This video describes the role of bail bondsmen and how they can assist individuals in jail.

In the event that someone has committed a crime and is taken to jail, a judge may rule that they are released under bail. Bail is a sum of which the defendant has to pay to get out of jail. If the defendant abides by all his commitments to the court’s requirements, which include court dates and travel restrictions, then they will get the cash back, provided they aren’t charged with an offense.

There are a variety of options available for the payment of bail. The bail can be paid with cash, or through having someone else pay it. You may also put collateral such as a house automobile or any other property in exchange for bail. To save costs, though it is also possible to hire a bail bondsman.

A bail bondman can pay bail at cost. A 10% charge will be charged for bail regardless of the sum. If your bail is set at $10,000 it will cost $1,000 for bail bondman.

If the case is not convicted however, you will not get the 10% refund. It is safer than having spend $10,000 on a case you may never get back.


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