Metal Roofing Installation Mistakes – The Interstate Moving Companies

It is essential to ensure that the roof is installed correctly. This video will explain some of the common errors homeowners make when installing their metal roofs.
Lapping Panels

The most common mistake is to incorrectly tap the panel incorrectly. Once you’ve finished installing the larger edge of the panel will be obscured by the second panel.

The Screws Have Been Set Correctly

Be aware of each screw you place. As you drill them in, you have to hit the right balance to ensure that the washer does not get squeezed and pushed out but also in a way that it doesn’t get too loose.

The Excessive Sealant

The goal of a metal roof is to guard and insulate your house. Make sure you choose the right steel panels and trim. It isn’t a good idea to seal when there are cracks on the roof.

Too Much Overhand

It’s recommended to limit the roof’s excess overhang to 2.5 inches.

Too Many Screws

Your pipe flashing and other roofing components should be securely secured using screws. If you’re lazy, and do not use enough screws these panels, they are almost useless for the long haul.

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