Is It Financially Wise to Post Bail for Someone Else? – Money Saving Amanda

d and doesn’t have any credit scores or the funds to post their own bail, they can seek help from you. This can be a stressful scenario for a lot of people. If you do have enough cash to fund bail on behalf of another, you could step up to secure their release till the courts declare them either innocent or guilty.

Theoretically, you’ll receive your cash back following making bail available for someone but it depends on that person’s actions. If you want to receive your money back, they need to show up for all required court dates. They also need to fully participate in the process of obtaining a legal license. This is why the process of posting bail on behalf of somebody else’s sake is dangerous financially. There is no way to manage them, and you won’t get the money returned.

A viable alternative is to call a bail bond agency who will post bail close to me. The bail bond agents are bound by strict agreements and do charge fees for their services. But they could assist in getting your loved one or members out of jail, without you having to risk your savings. 7a3x9asj34.

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