Selecting the Best Fall Arrest Training

Galvanized steel chain

There were more fatalities in construction jobs, than any other industry in 2009. Fortunately that number seems to be decreasing somewhat based on yearly numbers, but it still shows that there is a need for construction safety courses, especially for those involved in high risk positions. You can find the appropriate instruction for fall protection and material handling with some preliminary research.

First, not all construction safety training courses are made the same. You will need to judge them with a critical eye to insure a protective work environment. You can begin by asking industry colleagues for recommendations on training they have used, or you can search third party review sites for feedback and comments on various construction safety courses. For example, you are looking for trends of effective teaching, scheduling availability, and a record of safety from previous students.

Your industry and projects will determine the exact curriculum, but using reviews and referrals to start your search will insure that you are picking the best alternative for your employees. Using student feedback, you should be able to determine whether courses go into the nuances of OSHA regulations, material handling issues and related topics in order to compare other courses against. You do not want to settle for something that is not applicable to the environment and conditions you will face.

Depending on your training oversight guidelines, you may even want to maintain an internal reference for each safety training course. By having your employees attend various classes and record their feedback on the training or certification cycle. This will allow other individual employees to cross reference online reviews with real life experience in your business. Sometimes this on the job feedback can better address questions that you would otherwise not be able to answer without a bit of trial and error.

By doing the preparatory research and using good judgement, you can get the best material handling, fall protection and OSHA training for your employees. Without the right safety training, you could risk injury and downtime, but a trained crew can increase your bottom line and overall safety.

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