Libraries Are Not the Only Place to Find Credible Sources For Your Paper

Doing research for a paper has never been easier. You do not have to make the trek to the library, stand in line waiting for the online computer catalog, and dig through stacks of books trying to find ones that have been misplaced or lost. Most reference material and articles on millions of topics can now be found online. A simple Google search can generate thousands of credible sites, and research data from around the world. These online articles range from blogs to more established pieces from well-known websites, books, and magazines.

For example, if you are looking for online info about AIDS, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention is considered a credible source for statistics and information. You can either visit their website directly or enter the topic into a search engine like Google. The results will provide a link that leads directly to the information on the site that you need. Many students also use the Google Scholar site to find academic articles online. This gives users instant access to scholarly literature about a topic. These articles are often abstracts, excerpts, or even full passages from books that have been published about a topic. They also include theses from PhD dissertations, as well as other scholarly research that has contributed to the topic globally. These articles are often easier to cite in a paper as an online reference, because they provide the names of the authors and publishers.

Even though there are numerous sites online that offer false information or data that may not be entirely accurate, finding online info that you can use in your paper is possible. As long as you know what sites are credible, and you utilize scholarly articles, you can easily find enough information for your paper. Once you have learned how to navigate these sites, you will be able to locate articles quickly, and efficiently. The library is still a great resource, but nothing beats being able to get everything you need from the comfort of your own home.

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