Isn’t it Time You Bought a Subaru?

Subaru ny

The new 2013 Subaru inventory includes vehicles that are known for being both pragmatic and a joy to drive. There is a lot of used and new Subaru inventory at local Subaru dealers. At many of these new and used Subaru dealers, shoppers browsing Subaru inventory are able to get 0 percent financing for at least one year if they take out an auto loan to purchase any Subaru inventory vehicle that is currently on sale. So too are Subaru car dealers offering seasonal specials which permit customers to pay significantly less money than the sticker price of the car they like.

Right now, Subaru is rated 26th of the largest global auto manufacturers producing vehicles. Automobiles that currently make up Subaru inventory are made by the manufacturing division of the Japanese transportation conglomerate Fuji Heavy Industries. Subaru inventory is responsible for many of the best new cars and trucks of the year. This has been true of Subaru since 1954, when Subaru inventory consisted of just one vehicle, the Subaru 1500.

Subaru inventory is adored by environmentalists because Subaru has a recycling ratio of over 97% when it comes to end of life vehicles. Subaru inventory is known for incorporating a lot of recyclable materials within its automobiles. One more reason why people are so excited about the current Subaru inventory is because of the many fond memories they have of the Subaru Outback advertisements that ran from 1995-2000. These ads starred “Crocodile Dundee” actor Paul Hogan who resumed his most famous role to sell Subaru inventory. These beloved ads were extremely popular, and are in fact still mentioned by people who visit Subaru dealers in various regions of the country. At certain Subaru dealers in smaller towns, posters of Paul Hogan in front of several Subaru vehicles are still hanging on the show room floor.

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