How to Know If Your Cracked Windshield or Windows Need to Be Repaired or Replaced

Phoenix windshield repair

It’s hard to imagine daily life without the use of windows. Besides the obvious purposes of windows shielding us from the elements, windows can bring a creative, and delightful touch to many architectural designs. The word “window” was first recorded in the early 13th century; however, the word originally referred to a non-glazed hole in a roof. It was actually the early Roman civilizations that were the first to use glass windows, and since then the use of windows have become useful for hundreds of purposes.

Perhaps one of the most useful purposes for windows involves windshields and safety auto glass. Driving without the use of windows and a windshield would be nearly impossible, especially considering the level of protection windshields provide when driving in the rain or snow. Before windshields became standard with all automobiles, motorists were forced to wear goggles to keep insects, debris and precipitation out of their eyes. Today, with the use of modern windshields, motorists can be safe inside their vehicle, while enjoying an optimal level of comfort.

In 1903, a woman from Alabama named Mary Anderson invented the first windshield wiper in 1903. Although windshield wipers can do a wonderful job when it comes to keeping your windshield clean, windshields and auto glass are very susceptible to cracks, scratches and shattering. Crack windshield repair can be a fearful thought for many, but the process involving window and glass repair is actually quite simple, and most automotive insurance policies cover crack windshield repair costs. Additionally, most auto glass services can repair auto glass in under 30 minutes.

Some scratches in your windshield will typically not require auto glass repair services. However, if you have a deep chip in your windshield, or one that is larger than a fifty-cent piece, the entire windshield will require crack windshield repair. When small rocks or debris leave a chip in your windshield, the stress involved causes the chip or crack to grow until all the stress is relieved. This process will leave your windshield damaged, weak, and susceptible to shattering, which can present a very unsafe environment while driving. Read more articles like this.

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