The Leading Crime Scene Cleanup Companies

Crime scene cleaning

Given all of the unfortunate crimes that are reported on the news every evening, have you ever wondered how they clean up all the blood and mess after a gruesome murder? Obviously, you can’t leave blood spatter all over a NYC sidewalk after a violent crime. Crime scene cleanup is needed whenever a crime creates a mess. This is especially true when the crime takes place in a public place.

Whenever there are homicides, suicides, auto accidents, or any type of deadly event that involves biological fluids, in the after math of crime scenes clean up is essential. Think about. All of those school shootings, public bombings, the Colorado movie theater, and countless other violent public events caused a lot of gruesome remnants from bodies to bodily fluids. It is not something people like to think about, but crime scene clean up companies perform a necessary service.

The reason that crime scene cleaners
are needed goes beyond simply cleaning up the visual aspects of the crime in question, but they also help to protect the public from potentially harmful pathogens. In fact, OSHA utilizes Bloodborne Pathogen Rule 1910.1030 to regulate what is done by crime scene clean up companies.

The threat of bloodborne pathogens on folks like first responders is so critical that the CDC suggests that all first responders follow an exposure control plan. After all, wherever blood and other biological materials and fluids exist, crews are extremely vulnerable to the risks of becoming infected with diseases like hepatitis C, HIV, and others.

Not many of us give it much thought, but messy crime scenes occur every where, from city sidewalks and roadways to retail stores and college campuses. While it would be great if it were no longer needed, crime scene cleanup will be needed until violent crime is eliminated. References.

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