Switching On Your SEO Business

White label seo

The first search engine results pages typically has everything that the searcher is looking for, but if your business cannot be found there then you may lose out on significant search traffic. Online retailers and service providers attribute as much as 40 percent of their traffic as arriving via search. To better leverage search engine results, you can use search engine optimization. To pass along those advantages to other businesses, you can also take advantage of SEO reseller programs to generate income from clients SEO efforts.

When you offer SEO services through SEO reseller plans, you can charge businesses for outsourced SEO services. You act as salesperson and account executive, but the SEO reseller is responsible for the SEO tasks that contribute to an increased search results presence. You can easily find resellers through a search on different review sites. That will allow you to narrow down your potential list of providers by analyzing comments from other clients. They can give you insight into their effectiveness, customer service and pricing before you contact the resellers.

Besides increasing your website traffic and improving your search results ranking, you should seek out resellers that have a well documented record for achieving advantageous search rankings and providing excellent customer service. Since it can take some lead time to achieve improvements in your search rankings, they have to provide extensive feedback and status reports to insure that they are doing what you have contracted them to do.

Finally, since you are acting in the capacity of an account manager, make sure you understand the different processes for creating client reports and fine tuning keywords. While you can get backend support for the technical aspects of SEO, the more information that you arm yourself with, the more likely you will be to maintain a list of pleased clients for yourself.


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