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Horse show clothing is a integral piece of the overall competition. Just by looking at the dress of a rider, fellow competitors can tell who the rider is and what style competition they are competing in. Here is what those new to the sport of horseback riding aught to know about rider and horse apparel.

Horse riding helmets are just the beginning of what riders need to succeed in equestrian competitions. When Riding as part of a team, the team will mandate a certain uniform. Until then young riders should show both respect for the sport and for their own abilities by dressing appropriately.

What is the appropriate equestrian riding apparel?

From the head to heel, the apparel of a rider is designed to make riding safe, make riding more manageable, and allow for a certain amount of individual flare. There will be different standards for western competitions as opposed to English competitions, but here are the basics.

The most important article of horseback riding gear is the helmet. For safety reasons, helmets are a necessary aspect of practices and competitions. Next on this list of essentials are boots. For basic use, the best riding boots will have a 1 to 1.5 inch heal. Riding boots can be one of the larger investments made, with costs ranging between $100 and $1,000. Once a rider enters the top levels of competition, they may choose to where different designated to different styles of riding. For instance, there are both English and Western riding boots. Some of the top boots suppliers are Tredstep boots, Paddock boots and Ariat riding boots.

The next their of riding gear necessities is all in the garments. If riding in the winter, the most important article of clothing will be a winder jacket designated to horseback riding. Tights or playable pants will be necessary for training, as those are the most comfortable, least restrictive options. Investing in specialty horse riding pants with leather patches at the knees and rear can offer added grip when riding. Horse show shirts are really where a rider may show his or her colors.

Top notch equestrian riding mandates high quality horse care and horse apparel. One of the leading concerns of horse health is foot health and boot placement. As this is the foremost concern of horses, professionals are best fit for completing these fittings. However, the attention given to horses should not stop at the hoof. All of a horse’s needs should be met in order to promote good health, and competition readiness.

The basic necessities are the saddle, stirrups and bridle. However, horse apparel options do not end here. There are various blankets that can be used. The first type is a saddle blanket, which can be used to improve rider comfort. For horse health, a quality horse blanket is necessary. Horse blankets come in differing weights and sizes depending on the needs of the horse and the climate that the horse will be staying in. Horse blankets can be the number one item used to better guarantee horse health. For that reason they are a worth while horse apparel investment.

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