On Demand Printing Machines Allow Book-lovers to Print Their Favorite Titles, and Even Print Their Own Written Stories

Wide format digital printing

The internet has revolutionized many of our pastimes. It wasn’t too long ago that obtaining your favorite album’s new album required travelling to the nearest record or entertainment shop. Today, obtaining music is as easy as pulling your phone out of your pocket, swiping your finger a few times and after few seconds of downloading, the music you wanted is available for your listening pleasure. The same is true for movie lovers. On demand viewing outlets such as Netflix, Hulu, etc. all provide convenient access to movies and television shows for viewing pleasure, all through the internet. It was only a matter of time before it happened, but now new internet and digital technology is providing similar on demand convenience for book lovers, too.

Digital book printing, a form of on demand book printing, is making it much easier for book lovers to obtain the books they want, with perfect bound book printing in only a few minutes. The process is as simple as heading to your nearest bookstore, locating the nearest digital book printers, making a selection from over 7 million titles and after a few minutes, you the book you were looking for right in the palms of your hand. Until now, on demand book printing was a rather expensive and limited process. Printing companies in the past struggled with the high costs of book printing machines, making the prices to print too expensive for consumers, and the cost of owning one of these machines too expensive for book stores. However, with the contributions of Kodak and ReaderLink, a major book distributor, the process of on demand printing will be easier and more affordable. Kodak and Readerlink plans on proving more printing machines to be featured in over 24,000 new outlets, each machine featuring a large supply of commercially published titles for on demand book printing.

Reading enthusiasts can also take advantage of internet-based printing companies to print books they’ve published themselves, or have commercially published books printed for them, and then shipped to their home. These online printing companies allow you to print your own fresh copy of a new or public-domain book, and provides an opportunity for writers to have their books published by a professional printing service.

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