A Look at Federal Criminal Attorneys

Criminal defence lawyer

Criminal law is different from civil law. Civil law emphasizes more on dispute resolution and victim compensation than on punishment. Criminal law is distinctive for the serious consequences or sanctions for failing to abide b its rules.

Many criminal codes covered under criminal law, including assault, battery, rape, and sexual abuse, protect the physical integrity of the body. Murder as it is broadly defined is an unlawful killing. This is probably the most frequently targeted by the criminal law. Interestingly, murder is the only crime that does not increase during the full moon.

A federal crime that may require the assistance of a federal criminal attorney is an act that was made illegal by United States federal legislation. A federal crime would be prosecuted under federal law, rather than state regulations. Crimes that come under the federal crimes laws include tax evasion, counterfeiting, bank robbery, aircraft hijacking, and mail fraud.

If federal authorities have contacted you, you may need to get help from federal criminal attorneys or federal criminal defense lawyers. You should find out if you are a suspect or a witness, and a federal criminal attorney can help you determine this.

A federal criminal attorney can also help you understand the nature of this criminal investigation. Your federal criminal attorney will help you provide the best answers to the questions you are being asked.

Grand jury testimony is another legal process where you might need the assistance of a federal criminal attorney. People who are called to testify before a grand jury often do not known if they are being subpoenaed as a target for criminal indictment or as a witness. A federal criminal attorney can help you avoid pitfalls during testimony, or even work on immunity deals should that be necessary.

Because federal criminal proceedings are often very complex, a federal criminal attorney who has plenty of experience in all of the rules of evidence, trial procedure, and system in general should represent you. Because federal criminal attorneys usually have extensive experience and a high level of education, they are usually more expensive. However, if you do become involved in a federal case, the experience will be worth the cost.