Urgent Care 24 Hours is an Alternative to ER Visits

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If your family is accident prone, you may be interested in knowing a bit more about urgent care 24 hours facilities that can be an alternative to emergency rooms. Perhaps your spouse is just an accident waiting to happen and is often injured doing those household chores. You may be among the people who often catch cold. Americans get approximately one billion colds every year. An urgent care 24 hours center can also help in these cases, as well as helping keep your family health.

Urgent care centers are considered one of the fastest growing segments of the American healthcare system. There are about 129,043 people in the United States employed by these urgent care 24 hours facilities.

When you or a family member falls ill or is injured, you may consider visiting an emergency room for immediate care. However, a visit to an urgent care 24 hours facility is considered a better option. These care centers are actually intended to help reduce patient visits to traditional emergency rooms. These urgent care 24 hours centers treat non life threatening illnesses and injuries. A 2010 study conducted by the Rand Corporation indicates that nearly one in five visits to hospital emergency rooms could be treated at urgent care 24 hours centers, with a potential savings of $4.4 billion in health care costs each year.

A visit to an urgent care 24 hours facility will also let you get medical treatment more quickly. According to a survey conducted by the Urgent Care Association of America, approximately 57 percent of patients wait 15 minutes or less to be seen. About 80 percent of all visits to urgent care 24 hours centers last 60 minutes or less. Additional a visit to urgent care 24 hours centers will usually cost less than a visit to the ER. A visit to the emergency room can cost upwards of $1,500, while a trip to an urgent care facility will run about $150.

As you can see, urgent care 24 hours facilities are a great alternative to the emergency room. Find urgent care centers near you, so you can get medical attention quickly the next time one of your children gets hurt or gets sick.
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