Mixing for the best with chemical blending companies

Chemical blending companies

In today’s global economy, with materials coming from disparate heterogeneous places, it has never been harder to meet industry regulations let alone a company’s standard for excellence in production. When your New England based manufacturing company needs a homogenous mix, dry blending can be an aster to your quality problems. Chemical blending services can provide the right mix of customer service and quality control, ensuring a well manufactured product.

Looking for industrial powder processing facilities in Massachusetts can be easy if you know what you are looking for. In order to do this, you should know how dry blending happens.

The processing of powder and particle size reduction can allow for many benefits, such as better dispersion, improved packing and aggregate strengths, faster dissolution, and higher reactivity. Quality chemical blending companies realize that these aspects are the linchpins to any ceramic fabrication processes. This is especially true when those ceramics have specific micro structural features.

In order to find the best dry blending processes look for companies that can handle specialty chemical manufacturing. Those companies should use of the two if not both industry leading techniques used to consolidate a powder. These two techniques are metal injection molding and sintering. Further technological developments have made these processes of dry blending even more effective. This third option involved the melting go powder as opposed to sintering, and gives the ceramic piece the structure it needs to be stronger and last longer.

In order to ensure uniformity, having great sampling technique is crucial. Anything from depth from which a sample is taken to the angle at which it was taken can have a great impact on the sample results. Be certain that the company you choose has measures in place that mandate multiple samples and regulate how samples are taken. Samplings should be taken from multiple containers and the blender used. As sampling the dry blending mixture is what will determine the success of the mixture, it can take some time.

A powder processing trial for simple mixtures can be so quick as to take only a couple of hours, However, more complex mixtures can take a number of weeks to put through grinding, sifting, blending and packing. Where packaging and freight are concerned, as a manufacturer you want a chemical blending company that will not limit the amount of powder you can have processed. Ultimately the chief limiting agent will be the company’s ability to ship the powder back to you. If a company has a rail car delivery system, the you can expect that their means will not limit your manufacturing.
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