Immigration Attorneys in Tampa, FL Helping Those Needing Legal Assistance with Immigration Matters

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Since its origin essentially, the United States has always been seen as an oasis of opportunity. This has led to people from all over the world immigrated to the country in hopes of having a better life and seeing a new beginning through the chances they will have. The population of the United States would become comprised of immigrants that traveled from countries all over the world. Since the early days of the country, immigration laws in America have evolved and seen some revisions. Today, immigration is a hotly contested issue among politicians and many Americans. Some facts on immigration remain unclear for many people, with questions frequently being asked such as can legal or illegal aliens be deported? Those who want answers to these questions or are in need of legal assistance for immigration issues can hire an immigration attorney in Tampa FL for guidance.

Extensive research has been conducted on the trends of immigration in the United States and its effects on families. In the year 2010, studies found that there were 4.5 million children born in the United States that were born to at least one unauthorized immigrant parent. Statistics have also revealed that 45 percent of unauthorized immigrant households are couples that have children.

In January 2011, there were 11.5 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States. Of these undocumented immigrants, 86 percent had been living in the country for seven years or longer. Out of all people living in the United States, 16.6 million people come from families with at least one undocumented immigrant.

So can legal or illegal aliens be deported? There is a complex legal process involved in immigration, so matters such as deportation are usually circumstantial and dependent on various factors. To receive assistance in managing the complexities of an immigration legal process, individuals can seek the services of immigration attorneys in Tampa, Florida.