How Veterans With PTSD Can Get Help

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There has been a great need for legal advice for veterans as more and more service members return from overseas with unique situations and circumstances. Many veterans have faced homelessness, employment difficulties, mental health challenges, and disability. One of the most widespread and persistent issues is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. Between 11% and 20% of all veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are believed to have PTSD.

Unfortunately, it is estimated that two thirds of those veterans are not receiving treatment, according to Military Pathways. If traumatic events have caused a veteran to experience anxiety, desensitization, depression, hyper-vigilance, fear, or any other symptoms associated with PTSD, there is help available.

Receiving help for military trauma.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder help generally comes in two forms. The first is Cognitive Behavior Therapy, to help rehabilitate the veteran and a improve their coping mechanisms, and the other is medication, usually in the form of antidepressants and SSRIs. Exposure therapy and group therapy are sometimes also effective. The path to recovery for a veteran suffering from PTSD can be long, and difficult, especially if drug or alcohol abuse have become intertwined. The recovery can be further complicated if the required support and assistance are not made readily available.

Is there available mental health legal advice for veterans?

Veterans lawyers may be able to help provide valuable advice if a claim to the VA was either denied, or underrated. There are a number of complications that can arise when making a claim, including having PTSD prior to service, receiving help while still in the military, or using a confirmed diagnosis to help raise defense when a veteran has been charged with a crime. In the past, rules and regulations for being determined to have PTSD were very strict, some veterans still find difficulty in having their disorders officially recognized by the VA. When this is the case, seeking legal advice is one of the only options.

It is important for military members to specifically seek legal advice for veterans, as there are special laws, rights, and considerations that will affect them. Veterans disability benefits, compensation, and access to treatment centers can be essential to dealing with a recovering from PTSD.

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