Four Reasons Why Camouflage Isn’t Just for Soldiers Anymore

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Though camouflage has been around since the 19th century, it first rose in popularity in the United States during World War II when new disguise methods were developed to help American soldiers. Since then, “camo” has become a cultural trend capable of reaching the highest highs of the New York runways and the average joes in the cracked woods of Wisconsin. Why is the most powerful nation in the world captivated by the hypnotizing swirls of camouflage? The answer might have something to do with the following reasons.

Bringing the colors of the outdoors indoors

When you picture a camo clad soldier charging the wooded battlefields of the world, you probably picture him in the classic dark green, brown and black-streaked pattern. This is called Woodland, and it’s easily the most popular camo style in the United States. Today, you can find army camo clothing, camo bedding and camo bench seat covers in every style, though most will come readily available in Woodland because of its historical significance. Plus, people tend to sport what they recognize.

Blue collar meets high society

While it was once thought of as strictly a style for the lower classes, camo has found a lively resurgence as a staple of modern fashion both on and off the runway. You can find camo purses, jackets and even dress shoes in the swankiest stores these days, representing a substantial shift in its perceived audience. Additionally, the second-most popular areas of camo consumption are all in Europe. The message is loud and clear: Everyone can be camo clad in some form or another.

Trudging through the mud or lounging by the pool

Time magazine reported that camo clothing first came to prominence in the U.S. in the 1980s. Since that time, it has exploded onto all the major fashion fronts — including the most informal of them all: poolside attire. Camo bathing suits for women and men are no longer just ironic leisure time outfits co-opting the look of wartime battlers. Now, they’re for everyone in all seasons, geographic locations and economic situations. Camo, as a style, has become the great equalizer.

Pink and blue for the babies

It’s never been easier to outfit your infant in those patriotic patterns. Plenty of camo manufacturers have focused their efforts on the baby market, now creating pink and blue bedspreads for cribs on a large scale. When it comes to transforming your newborn into a camo clad kid, starting early with a camo pillow can turn him or her into a lifelong trendsetter. Just remember to throw some Sesame Street sheets in the mix for good measure.

Camo clad formal wear for weddings

Yes, now you can take the simplistic styles of camo all the way down the aisle to the altar of your marital vows. Camo clad brides now grace churches and chapels throughout the U.S., shotgun blasts ringing their holy unions before their friends and family. But why wait for the big day? Camo prom dresses, tuxedos and other formal wear is just a specialty rental store credit card down payment away. More information like this.

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