Construction Safety Courses Providing Workers with Knowledge On How to Avoid Accidents on the Job

Lifting slings

There is no aspect of any job that necessitates undivided consideration more than safety. The well being of a worker and all of their coworkers and anyone else around them must constantly be kept in mind. Construction work is one of the most dangerous types of professions today. Lifting equipment that is very heavy, working with hazardous materials, and operating dangerous machinery are just some of the tasks that construction workers do every day. Nearly every aspect of a construction job has potential to be harmful to the worker if they were not properly prepared. That is why construction companies require that their workers attend a series of construction safety training courses. Construction safety courses will often cover areas such as hazardous material handling, fall protection training, rigging safety training, and crane safety training.

Statistics have shown that construction workers account for 1 in every 5 workplace fatalities. Between the years of 1995 and 1999, an average of 362 construction work related falls occurred each year. Unfortunately, all of them resulted in a fatality.

For lowering or lifting heavy loads, a chain hoist is usually used, which often entails the use of a drum or lift wheel. Knowing the proper methods of operating such systems is crucial on a job, as they possess a great deal of potential for mishap. Knowledge of proper methods of material handling is equally crucial so that workers know how to go about handling the various hazardous materials that they may encounter.

Between the years of 2008 and 2013, the number of fatally injured construction workers in the United States decreased to about 200 people on average. The use of higher quality equipment and safety training can lead construction companies to seeing less accidents occurring. Training courses for subjects such as material handling, equipment usage, and fall protection can all be very beneficial to a construction company overall.

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