Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Offers Post Menopausal Women a New Lease on Life!

Estrogen and menopause

There are a number of reasons that people rely on hormone replacement treatments. Nearly half of all United States postmenopausal women report having used menopause hormone replacement medications, usually in pill form. Many health care providers and researchers believe that natural bioidentical hormones are the best type of menopause hormone replacement therapy for women because all natural hormone replacement medications most closely resemble the chemical makeup of real female hormones, and they function almost identically.

Although men are not relying on hormone replacement treatments for the the same menopause hormone replacement purposes as women, there are a couple of reasons that males may need hormone replacement treatments. One such reason is low levels of testosterone, the symptoms of which include decreased sex drive, loss of muscle mass, unexplainable increase in body fat levels, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, chronic fatigue, depression and loss of concentration, osteoporosis, and low semen volume. Approximately 18 percent of American men who are at least 70 years of age have low testosterone levels. Luckily, however, low testosterone levels can be easily identified by a hormone level test, and are not hard to treat.

When a man has low testosterone levels, he can be injected with the hormone via an intramuscular injection or the replacement testosterone can be absorbed through his skin when he wears a transdermal patch. This is also the same treatment protocol utilized for transgender individuals, though the transdermal patch is less effective for trangendered people than are muscular injections of testosterone.

Hormone replacement therapy can be employed for both men and women who are experiencing sexual dysfunction. For women, menopause hormone replacement helps individuals maintain a healthy libido. Many post menopausal women rely on menopause hormone replacement therapy for just this reason. In men, testosterone replacement reinvigorates sex drive and increases performance capabilities. Hormone replacement therapy can thus be a terrific means of encouraging satisfying intimate connections for older adults. Continue reading here:

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