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Public market rochester

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One of Rochester’s features is its public market. This market has been around for about a century and hundreds of people flood vendors three days a week. Shoppers are delighted by fresh produce, and a variety of small trinkets like watches and baseball caps. Small stalls along the road offer various ethnic foods. But this is not the only place where food is in plenty. Rochester restaurants boast a wide array of cuisine choices and delicacies. Downtown Rochester offers Ethiopian, Greek, and Indian food and other areas house dozens of unique pizzeria joints, Chinese, Thai, and Italian options. Each surrounding suburb has its own set of restaurants and diners to be explored.

Finding things to do in Rochester is not difficult. A Rochester NY coupon can get you discounts on a trip to the planetarium and the science museum. You can also visit the famous Eastman Kodak house or take a drive to see Xerox headquarters. Online coupon deals can save you time and money when if you travel a lot. In that case, signing up for daily coupon deals is worth it. If you are journeying on a budget, these coupons will help you in the long run. Learn more.

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