What Are the Top Tours Dallas Offers?

Dallas events

Since its incorporation as a city in 1856, Dallas has grown wildly, now totaling a population well over 6 million. This should be no surprise because as we know, “Everything is bigger in Texas.” As it stands, Dallas is currently the ninth-largest city in all of the United States.

To visit Dallas is to take part in a city steeped in both rich history as well as tragedy. Through everything, though, Dallas has developed a reputation as city of grandeur. The top tours Dallas offers can showcase this best. Here are three Dallas tours you absolutely cannot miss out on.

1. Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

We Americans visit graves to say our goodbyes or air our grievances to the dead. We mull over it to the point of obsession so that we may try to have a better understanding as to why certain things happen in life. When a U.S. president is assassinated right in front of us, we flock to the site where it happened so that we may never forget.

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza allows us to do exactly that. At this educational site overlooking the site where President Kennedy was killed in 1963, you can observe interactive displays attempt to help you gain a better understanding of how it happened and what it means for us as Americans within the context of our history. This is easily one of the top tours Dallas offers.

2. ATandT Stadium

Until the 1950s, Texas was the biggest state in the union. It had grown quite comfortable with that title and with its own perceptions of itself, coining the phrase: “Everything is bigger is Texas.”. Then, along came Alaska, and suddenly, Texas had been reduced to number two. The spirit of this catchphrase, though, is captured in one of the grandest tours Dallas offers: a peek into ATandT Stadium.

As the home of the Dallas Cowboys, ATandT Stadium first opened in 2009 with its shiny features and opulent presentation on high for all the world to see. The stadium has 80,000 seats, a retractable roof and a massive high definition-video screen that hangs from 20-yard line to 20-yard line above the field. ATandT Stadium is ideal for football, but its grandeur has also made it a top venue for other Dallas events, concerts and other sports like basketball, boxing and motocross.

3. The Landmark Tour

One of the best ways we keep history alive in America is to keep revisiting it. This has worked out both in our favor and against us through the year, though we have never completely forgotten where we came from. One of the most informative and engaging tours Dallas offers is a trip to its notable historical landmarks, especially those that played a significant role in the development of the city itself.

West Elm Street, or “West Ellum” as is it known, is a place where art lives through the cool neon of Texas jazz and blues musicians. Pioneer Plaza features nearly 70 bronze steers to commemorate the rich agricultural history of the state. The West End provides some much-needed insight into the histories of the city, and Thanksgiving Square is a place for all different peoples to come together as one. More information like this.


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