Four Facts About SEO and Social Media Marketing

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What good is social media if you do not have anyone to share content with? If you ever made a Facebook or Twitter account on a whim, you might have been confused when you posted your first updates and there was no one there to view them. In order to be successful, social media needs to be exactly that: social.

It takes time to build up your online presence, no matter if you are utilizing social media or the other key components of Internet marketing. A good online plan incorporates successful search engine optimization, social networking management and quality web design. Here are four quick facts to help as you get started building up your connections:

1. The search engine industry is raking in the dough these days. Seriously, think about it: The word “Google” does not simply mean one particular search service anymore. Rather, “Google” has come to mean the entire act of searching, the entire idea of it, almost. So it should come as no surprise that the search industry is currently worth about $16 billion.

2. Estimates from 2012 showed that over 88 percent of Internet users in the United States over the age of 14 browsed or researched products online. How do even young teenagers come across different product services on the web? Two words: social media. Teens “like” and “follow” enough pages on Facebook and Twitter that they are fairly consistently reminded of those brands, including enjoying promotions that are offered via social media.

3. According to statistics, about 70 percent of the links clicked on by search users are organic. In fact, three-quarters of users tend to prefer organic links over paid ads, and why not? Paid ads, in their eyes, are strategically placed content trying to win their eyes. The attention of search users is a prize, and businesses that utilize SEO and social media tools understand this.

4. Internet users are also more likely to respond to Google-based search marketing. Example: About 75 percent of search users will find what they need on the first SERP, or search engine result page, and will not continue to browse through the other pages. This best SEO practice, along with strategic web design and quality social media management, is where the true power of online marketing lies.

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