Find the Perfect Channel Setting Engagement Rings

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The question has been asked and answered. Now you are in search of the perfect engagement ring and wedding set. The choices seem overwhelming, but keep in mind that your individual style and tastes will play the biggest role. You have all sorts of options such as princess cut, diamond cut, and channel setting engagement rings. You do want to keep in mind the quality of the diamond.

The quality of a diamond is based on four aspects, carat, cut, clarity, and color, also known as the 4Cs of diamonds. The most important of the 4Cs is clarity, which makes the biggest difference in the beauty of a diamond. Channel setting engagement rings are a perfect example of how a cut can affect the look of a ring.

The physical weight of a diamond is measured in metric carats, and jewelers usually employ a point system to determine carat. For example, if a diamond has 75 points, it is considered a .75 carat diamond. You can find channel setting engagement rings and other cuts in various carat sizes. One, including channel setting engagement rings, is sure to suit you.

Now for the metal setting for channel setting engagement rings and other settings as well. There are the obvious gold and silver platinum; however, many people are choosing platinum settings. These bands offer more security for the stone, as well as less maintenance over gold and silver.

Many people wonder about the way wedding bands such as channel setting engagement rings are to be worn. The wedding band is worn on the inside of the finger while the engagement ring is worn on the outside. The significance of this is that the wedding band will be closer to the heart.

You can find channel setting engagement rings, princess cuts, emerald cuts and many other styles. There are designer collections from which to choose, as well as finding that vintage engagement rings that may feature channel setting engagement rings. You may want a single solitaire in a bold setting, or a petite solitaire with a wide wedding band.

Decide on your budge, determine your style and go shopping! You can find your dream rings from all the different offerings. And you will be on the road to your new status of wedded bliss.

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