Do You Have Collectable Coins of Interest to Antique Jewelry Buyers?

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No matter how many times you take your piggy bank to the Coinstar machine, it just never seems like that great of a return. All that saving for only 17 bucks can be a bit disheartening, but it does not always have to be. You could be sitting on a treasure chest of opportunity already.

Antique jewelry buyers specialize in gold and silver, but also old coins. In addition to buying antiques and collectibles, antique jewelry buyers can be in the market for special coins as well. Here are five reasons to plan a trip to an antique jewelry buyer to see what you really have stashed in your change jar.

1. Coin collecting is sometimes referred to as the “King of Hobbies,” as it is one of the world’s oldest and most popular pastimes. It is also one of the easiest, because you might not even realize you are already a collector. Search under your bed, deep in your purse or even in your car for the unknown treasures you might already have! Bring those to any antique jewelry buyers for an authentic check from the pros.

2. You might hang onto a coin because you like the way it looks. You might notice a strange misprint or mint error somewhere on the surface. You might know a thing or two about coins and their circulation and keep one because of its rarity. No matter the reason, antique jewelry buyers can help you determine the value of any specialty coin.

3. Some collectors begin the hobby by chance, pocketing a coin they have no idea is actually worth a lot. Any neat coin is worth bringing into antique jewelry buyers for a proper look. Plus, if you have any antique pocket watches, or if you are looking to sell sterling silver or sell estate jewelry, bring it along with you for a potential added bonus!

4. Detroit, Michigan was the home of the first international convention for coin collectors. It was held August 15-18, 1962 and attracted about 40,000 attendees. You can continue this proud tradition by examining those tiny round pieces in your pocket and seeing if you have something to be excited about.

5. Who knows? It might even be a 1943 copper penny in your pocket. If it is, you might be in serious luck! As one of the most sought-after and valuable collectible coins, this particular penny can be worth up to $100,000. Antique jewelry buyers can tell you for sure, but if so, that is a lot of pennies.

Antique jewelry buyers can help you get an accurate look at the coins you have been stashing away. You might just have a regular penny, or you might have a super rare coin able to be cashed in for quite the payout. No matter what you have, antique jewelry buyers will take a look for you.

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  1. My girlfriend collects all sorts of dumb coins, almost impulsively. I told her it was a lame hobby…until she cashed in a special nickel for $1000. Then I shut up.

  2. This piece makes it seem very exciting, but collecting coins is really about patience. All in the hope that one day you find something super rare.

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